Deals with the problems of urinary tracts and its organ including kidneys, bladder, urethra and prostrate in men and in addition of genitals in men. Common urological condition includes stones. Urinary symptoms and cancers.

UROGYNAECOLOGY is a speciality which specifically deals with female urinary problems i.e urinary retention, repeated urinary tract infection, bladder problem, involuntary leakage of urine(incontinence) and pelvic organ prolapsed.

      A V Fistula
      A V Shunt
      Bladder neck incision(BNI)
      Capd catheter removal
      Chordee correction
      Cystolithotomy suprapubic
      Cystolithotripsy (CLT)
      Cystoscopic clot evacuation
      Cystoscopic removal of foreign bodies
      Cystoscopic stent removal
      Cystoscopy & viu with suprapubic cystostomy
      Cystoscopy with bladder biopsy
      D/j stening unilateral
      D/j stent removal bilateral
      D/j stent removal unilateral
      D/j stentong bilateral
      Diagnostic cystoscopy & viu
      Dilatation of stricture urethra under LA
      Dilatation of stricture urethra under GA
      Endoscopic removal of stone in bladder
      Endoscopic teflon injection - unilateral
      Epididmal cyst excision bilateral
      Epididmal cyst excision unilateral
      Epididymectomy/ spermatocelectomy- unilateral
      Hydroceletomy unilateral
      Lap varicocelectomy
      Laser vaporization of prostate
      Lymph node biopsy (superficial)
      Meatotomy -general surgery
      Meatotomy urology
      Orchidectomy bilateral
      Orchidectomy unilateral
      Orchidopexy - bilateral
      Orchidopexy - unilateral
      Palomo's bilateral
      Palomo's unilateral
      Penail urethrostomy
      R.p.g bilateral
      R.p.g. unilateral
      Reduction of paraphimosis
      Testicular biopsy (unilateral)
      Testicular biopsy bilateral
      Transrectal prostate biopsy general surgery
      Transrectal prostate biopsy urology
      Trocar cystostomy
      Trucut needle biopsy
      Trucut needle biopsy urologyMicrobiology
      Turbt(small bladder tumor resection)
      Ureteric basketting
      Ureteric dilatation - bilateral
      Ureteric dilatation - unilateral
      Ureteric meatotomy bilateral
      Ureteric meatotomy unilateral
      Ureterocele repair bilateral
      Urs-diagnostic ICTL, dj stenting (excl. stent)
      Varicocoele Ligation
      Vasectomy b/l