This is the department deals with musculo-skeletol system which includes trauma and chronic degenerative conditions. It is common with sports injury.

      Ac joint (isolated) - orif
      Acl reconstruction
      Amputation - single digit hand/ foot
      Amputation -hand (>2 fingers)
      Arthroscopic debridement
      Arthroscopic meniscal excision / removal of loose body
      Arthroscopic meniscal repair
      Arthroscopic meniscectomy
      Arthroscopic sad +ac joint excision
      Arthroscopic slap repair
      Arthroscopy shoulder
      Biopsy/ lavage / arthrotomy - hip/shoulder
      Capitellar orif /orif trochlea -elbow /scaphoid
      Club foot manipulation/ cast
      Cstr/ pmstr (soft tissue release) in clubfoot
      De quervains release
      Debridement wound with secondary closure - ll
      Diagnostic arthroscopy - knee
      Diagnostic arthroscopy - wrist
      Diagnostic arthroscopy - elbow / wrist / ankle
      Dislocation open reduction - elbow
      Dislocation-open reduction - shoulder
      Dwyer osteotomy (calcaneum)
      Excision distal radius/ulna
      Excision lateral end - ac joint
      Excision lateral end - ac joint
      Excision of bursa
      External fixation-humerus / forearm
      External fixator - club foot
      Fasciotomy - lower limb
      Fasciotomy upper limb
      Ganglion - foot
      Ganglion - wrist
      Hallux valgus surgery- foot / bunion
      Implant removal
      Incision & drainage of abcess
      K wire fixation in closed fracture- foot
      K-wire fixation of hand fracture
      Mallet finger repair/fixation
      Mtp joint arthrodesis
      Mua - shoulder
      Mua - fracture femur in child
      Mua - hip
      Mua - knee joint for dislocation
      Mua - stiffness
      Multiple tendon transfer - sts
      Open reduction (major)
      Open reduction (minor)
      Closed reduction (major)
      Closed reduction (minor)
      ORIF - lateral malleolus / medial malleolous   
      ORIF- distal radius
      ORIF - distal radius - forearm
      ORIF - humerus tuberosity-excision
      ORIF- single bone - forearm
      Rotator cuff repair
      Shoulder arthroscopy stabilization
      Skin grafting - minor
      TA release
      TA release - bilateral
      Trigger finger release