Ophthalmology is a specialty that deals with diseases and treatments of the eye. At The Apollo Day surgery, a team of specialists handle the disorders that are addressed treat include glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, retinal detachment, and a variety of occuplastic cosmetic surgeries of the eye to improve vision and appearance.

      Amniotic membrane transplant
      Cataract Surery (Phacoemulsification) (lens extr
      Cataract surgery (ECCE) (Indian Lens)
      Cataract surgery
      Conformer shell fitting under ga
      Conjunctival mass excision
      Conjunctival repair/suturing
      Cryopexy LA
      Cryopexy GA
      Dermis fat graft
      Ectropion corrction
      Endoscopic curettage
      Endoscopic evaluation
      Enucleation LA
      Enucleation GA
      Epicanthal fold correction
      Eua (evaluation under anaesthesia)
      Eviseration (LA)
      Eviseration (GA)
      Excision biopsy
      Exploration of orbit


      Flap division
      Frontalls sling
      Full thickness skin graft
      Gold weight implantation
      Incisional biopsy
      Lateral orbitotomy
      Lateral tarsal strip
      Lateral tarsoraphy
      Lid reconstruction
      Lid repair
      Lps resection ptosis
      Medial canthal reconstruction
      Medial orbitotomy
      Mucous membrane graft
      Orbital biopsy
      Orbital decompression
      Orbital fracture repair
      Orbitotomy - anterior
      Probing & syringing LA
      Punctal cautery
      Punctal suturing
      Socket reconstruction
      Split skin graft ssg
      Symblepharan release