1. How many surgeries are conducted at Apollo day care, Chennai in a month / year/ till date since its

     200 - 250 surgeries in a month

2. What are the various types of surgeries that can be undertaken at a Day Care Centre?

         a. General Surgery
         b. Gynaecology
         c. Colorectal Surgery
         d. Orthopaedics
         e. Urology
          f. Plastic Surgery
         g. Dermatological & Vitiligo Surgery
         h. Vascular Surgeries
         i. Ophthalmology
         j. ENT
         k. Dental Surgeries

3. What is the success rate at Apollo Day care?

         a. 99.9%

4. How many surgeons visit Apollo Day Care to offer consultation?

         a. 40 Surgeons

5. Can you highlight some of the recent critical surgeries conducted at Apollo Day Care Chennai?

         a. Laparoscopic Cholecystectomies
         b. Laparoscopic Myomectomies
         c. Piles, Anal Fissure & Anal Fistula
         d. Arthroscopies and ACL Reconstruction
         e. ORIF(Open Reduction & Internal Fixation)
          f. Vitrectomy ,Cataract Correction ,Squint Correction and Laser Surgery.
         g. Maxillo Facial Surgery
         h. Fess
         i. Varicose Vein Ligation With RF Ablator.
         j. URS

6. What is unique about Apollo Day Care Centre vis-a-vis competition?

     First of its kind Day Surgery Centre in Chennai
     Zero Infection Rate
     State of the Art infrastructure
     Excellent Outcome
     Amazing Ambience
     Highly Skilful & Professional doctors and Paramedical Staff

About Day Care Concept :

7. What are some of the value propositions offered by this surgical mode?

     Same Day Back Home.
     Early mobilization while maximizing patient convenience
     Minimally invasive techniques followed
     Reduced Expenditure on hospital stay
     ZERO chance of getting hospital acquired infection due to minimal stay

8. Are all surgeries risk free for all patients considering there is no adequate observation period as is the normal practice?

     With 99.9 % Percent Success the risk rate involved is minimal .In case of high risk in co morbid conditions patients are
           treated in Apollo Hospitals.

9. Do patients of Day Care service need to take extra care and observe dietary control given the speed of discharge?


10. What will be the average increase in cost per surgery in a Day Care Centre when compared to the one conducted through the regular routine

     There is no increase but in fact a 25 % Reduction in the overall cost.

11. Is this service accessible only by patients who have health insurance?

     It is accessible for Insurance and Non Insurance Patients .

12. Have there been any occurrences of surgical site infections due to sudden environmental exposure?


13. If these risks are involved what are the adequate steps that a patient and his/her family need to action?

     As such there is no risk involved as the Infection Control team in the centre is proactive and stringently adheres to its

Facilities at Apollo Day Surgery & Apollo Clinic ( Alwarpet)

      State of art infrastructure spread over 5 floors offering Super-Specialist consultations across multiple specialties.
      Ultra-modern Apollo Day Surgery facility spread over 4 floors, with a suite of 3-Operation Theatres with Laminar Flow,
         16-Day beds and a dedicated Recovery bay.
      Apollo Family Clinic with 12-consultation rooms and an Endoscopy suite.
      An entire floor exclusively for Apollo Hospitals' suite of Preventive Health Checks.
      Comprehensive Laboratory and Radiology Services.
      An Emergency bay that provides 24x7 Emergency care.
      Apollo Chest Pain Clinic in readiness for Cardiac emergencies
      24x7 Apollo Pharmacy stocked with OTC and ethical medicine and surgical disposables.
      First Rate Surgical Support from Major to Minor Procedures