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Understanding Day Surgery

What are the benefits of day surgery?

Day surgery offers a host of benefits, the main among them being.

        Minimized risk of infection since most procedures/ surgeries are minimally invasive
        Less pain
        Quicker recovery & quicker discharge from the hospital
        Less blood loss
        Quicker return to normalcy and thereby to work
        Minimal disruption of normal life
        Less medication
        Less pressure on family

Who makes up the surgical team?

Apart from the surgeons, the team usually comprises an anaesthesiologist. The trained medical technicians & nursing & support staff

How does Day surgery work?

Prior to the surgery : A complete medical check is performed . you should report any changes in your physical condition ( such as cold , fever, sore throat) to your physician and follow diet instructions on the night before your surgery.

Day of your Surgery : come to the hospital in casual comfortable clothing, accompanied by a friend or a relative. One the day is done, you will be transferred to the recovery bay where you will be monitored. Before discharge, our staff will provide you specific instructions regarding your home care.

Post Discharge: A nurse from our day Surgery unit will telephone you to check on your progress.

How does Day surgery differ from conventional surgery?

Conventional Surgery Day Surgery
Longer Hospital Stay Patient is discharged the same day
Higher volume of blood loss Lower volume of blood loss, if any
More scarring Less scarring
Slower recovery Quicker recovery
Slower return to normal activities Faster return to normal activities